Bristol Wooden Flagpoles

Handmade in England, Flown around the world

We design and manufacture the finest wooden flagpoles using the highest grade timbers. Bristol wooden Flagpoles has a singular objective: To manufacture the finest quality wooden flagpoles in the world.

Handbuilt Wooden Flagpoles

We hand build and shape the finest wooden flagpoles: Our small team of Master Craftsmen have over one hundred years of experience between them. Their skills and techniques have been honed and perfected over the decades and they are true artisans, masters of their craft and experts in meeting our clients requirements no matter how demanding and complex.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our work is our passion and everything we do revolves around building flagpoles that exceed the expectations of our clients in every single way. The projects we undertake vary enormously and no two are the same. The only consistent is the unfailing quality of our craftsmanship, the peerless grade of materials we use and our attention to each and every detail, no matter how small.

The Perfect Timber

In order to manufacture the finest wooden flagpoles, we require the highest grade timbers. For this reason, we favour Sitka Spruce, Douglas Fir and Teak. Like everything in life, there is a huge variation in quality when it comes to Sitka Spruce, Douglass Fir and Teak…..Here at Bristol Wooden Flagpoles we use the highest grade available anywhere in the world. Anything else would be second best. For more information about the timbers we use to build our flagpoles, please visit our “Materials” page.

Flagpole Gallery

Bristol Wooden Flagpoles are honoured to have built flagpoles that now grace some of the countries finest private homes, parks and estates, historic buildings and landmarks, military establishments, castles, cathedrals, churches, embassies, fortes, hotels, pubs, shops and many many more. No challenge is too big and no project too small.

Whilst the majority of our wooden flagpoles are built for clients here in the UK. We are incredibly proud that a healthy percentage are built for clients around the world. Europe, The USA, Australia, The Caribbean and the Falkland Isles to name a few and we have excellent delivery partners experienced in making sure our stunning flagpoles and all related steels arrive looking with you looking as good as when they left us.

Quality Craftsmanship

Hand made by our master craftsman in Bristols Historic Old Harbour. Each and every flagpole we create is a labour of love. For more information about the timbers we use to build our flagpoles, please visit our “Materials” page.