Flagpoles for Castles

Handmade in England, Flown around the world

When we started handmaking our Wooden flagpoles, we knew they would be perfect for some of the United Kingdoms historical buildings, especially our castles. Since the birth of Bristol Wooden Flagpoles, we have worked with private castles and ones owned by the National Trust to ensure the buildings loose none of their former glory by installing a low grade flagpole.

In 2015, we installed a brand new flagpole into the beautiful Belvoir Castle. The 250 year old flagpole needed to be replaced having been damaged in a storm the previous year. Not only was the 11m long flagpole handmade, but because of the location of the turret, the only way in was through the turret. Instead of a crane we engaged the services of a Helicopter lifting company to deposit the pole into place. To ensure the pole remains in place we also crafted a bespoke stainless steel bracket. You can read more here: